Shamanic Children

Educating the young is essential and significant to the Institute for the Shamanic Arts.

Schools today work to address the academic needs of children but often there just isn’t enough time or priority placed on “special” skills like your child might possess.

At Earth Web Media, we feel that it is vital to recognize and nourish these talents.

Perhaps your child exhibits the attributes of being a crystal child, star child, intuitive, empathic, shamanic, clairvoyant, etc.

Or maybe he/she doesn’t fit a label and you still recognize uniqueness.

At this time, our world needs for children to have their greatest gifts nurtured so that the children of today feel confident and centered in themselves.

It is time to turn away from “identifying”.

Children need a safe and secure environment to practice and come into full awareness of  their abilities.

Children need this.

Parents need this for their children.

Listen to a Shamanic Prayer for Children with Elisabeth:

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This is a story for children about believing in yourself.

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