Soul Vision Retreats-Feb and March 2019 Schedule


Friends and Allies,

Web of Life Animist church is hosting three weekend retreat opportunities in February and March of 2019 at our Sanctuary of Mindful Walking, 35 miles southwest of Tucson, AZ! Quynn Red Mountain is your Host and Guide. Each retreat has 6 or less participants with lots of room for quiet and personal time.

April and May dates and locations will be posted soon.

Initiation- Desert Camping Retreat 

Friday, February 22 (2pm) -Sunday, February 24 (12pm)

Women, Wimmin, Femme Folk (all bodies and ages welcome), Your Sacred Nature is Calling!

Wind. Sun. Mud. Stone. Sand. Dark. All wait to teach you.

Quynn has created this Intiation Retreat because she feels it is important that Earth honoring People who identify as Woman, Femme, Female and Gender Fluid are empowered, supported and embodied in the physical and spiritual worlds.

All the Beings of this land have so much to share, by listening you can hear them.  Clarity, Healing and Activation can best happen here and now. By listening, new layers are revealed. Quynn is your attentive guide.

A drum journey in the earth is available in the mornings. Star and Moon drum journey guidance at night.  The time in between offers a variety of ways for you to explore the layers within and around you.

Sleep, Walk, Watch, Listen, Dream much. Speak less. Ahhh.

$125-$200 sliding scale
Please write to Quynn to Register

Our Winding Path-Labyrinth as Teacher Retreat Weekend-All genders

Friday, March 8 (3pm)-Sunday, March 10 (12pm) 

Our Sanctuary of Mindful Walking is dedicated to honoring and walking the sacred Labyrinth. The image is the one we have created. There are spaces for 13 more around the 28 acre sanctuary.

Jacob is our labyrinth maker and he and Quynn are your labyrinth activities guides. Draw, walk, create and journey about this ancient symbol.  Hear stories and share Spirit guided messages around a fire. Let the stars and sun guide your pathwalk.

Donation:  $125-$200 sliding scale  Please write to Quynn to Register

Rooted Being- Plant Enhanced Retreat

Friday, March 29 (2pm)-Sunday, March 31 (noon)

We connect with plants every day, and rarely do we acknowledge these allies as the Teachers and sustainers that they are. Each person has relationships with a variety of plants and this weekend we will appropriately listen to the plants that are ready to teach us.

As we listen, we grow our ability to hold more Sacred Power to make beneficial Change in our personal and community life, as well as in our relationship with Mother Earth.

Your Soul Vision Personal Retreat offers you the space to call upon the Spirits of the plants that can help you to deepen your connection with this unique and powerful place in the beautiful Sonoran Desert, so that you can decipher the messages most needed now in your life.

Each participant is asked to bring 3 plants of personal importance to this retreat. All the plants of the retreat land are our teachers. Want more info? Contact Quynn.

Donation:  $125-$200 sliding scale  Please write to Quynn to Register

Please note: A signed liability release must be signed to confirm participation.

Find out all details about Retreats HERE

Now is a perfect time for you to dive into your deeply personal connection with the Nature Spirits around you (Quynn calls this “Animism”). Experiencing reflective, facilitated time in Nature opens the portal for you to more deeply trust your intuition and feel this connection in your daily life in the modern world so you can more clearly trust yourself and live your purpose.~ 

  • Learn from the reflections of Nature to listen within, gain inner clarity, and gain skills that will support you in your daily life
  • Hone your ability to create Nature Altars, Offerings and Prayers (Sacred Dialog) for and with Places, Situations and People
  • Strengthen your personal relationship with the Nature Guardians in this sacred place
  • Feel the authenticity of your Nature-honoring Spiritual Path, through your own DNA memory and the land around you
  • Strengthen your relationship with the Nature Beings of this specific place
  • Recognize the flickering Spirit Powers that nourishes you in the chaos of urban life
  •  Every Retreat begins and ends with prayers and offerings for the land and the Spirits of those who live here.
  • While the start and end times are set, there are no specific times stated or intended for these retreats. All happens at just the right time.
  • Weather is, of course, always our companion, and can also be our biggest challenge.  Trust that just the right weather Spirits will be present for you and what you need most for your retreat (and know that we will be prepared!)  Please note that this land is 1,000 feet higher than Tucson, so nights are cooler than in town. 

A note from Quynn- If we have not yet met, I ask that you attend a circle, or reach out to have a conversation, before you register.
Here is our calendar of Tucson and online events

All donations support Earth Web Media, our Animist nonprofit (church). We acknowledge that this event takes place in the traditional territory of Tohono O’odham nation. All participants and event hosts are expected to make offerings and leave no trace on this land. 

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