What is Shamanic Reiki?


It makes sense to combine Reiki and shamanic techniques for Shamanic Reiki because they fully complement each other.


Reiki means ‘universal life energy’ and it was re-discovered by Mikoa Usui. As healers, Reiki energy channels through us from the universal life source to where, or how, it is needed for the recipient’s highest good. Reiki may be employed to provide relaxation, raise the vibratory field, offer protection, grounding, transmuting energy, and fill in any voids left with such shamanic techniques as extraction, cord removing, removing energy blocks, and balancing chakras.

When shamanic techniques are utilized, shamanic practitioners work in collaboration with spirit guides. It is as if the practitioners provide the “physical” aspects that spirits aren’t able to embody and practitioners are the intermediaries with the spirit world bringing back knowledge that is necessary for healing to take place.

Shamanic techniques are very dynamic. They follow a process of discerning what direction the guides want to take and putting aside ‘ego’ to be able to follow this guidance. It can look like traditional shamanic journeying with drum or rattle. It can also take other approaches such as singing, chanting, using crystals, moving energy, shape shifting, dancing, etc.

Another important aspect of Shamanic Reiki is setting clear intention. Intention is the direction that will be taken. We listen to the guides and then we work with the energy that connects us to all things.

Shamanic Reiki provides a powerful flow of energy and a deep integration for recipients.


We are happy to announce that Shamanic Reiki Level 1 with Elisabeth Black will be offered Sunday, October 30 2016.

On this day you will have the opportunity to learn about Reiki, its history, and what it is used for. You will receive your first level attunement which will enable you to start using Reiki.

Energy work is an essential element in shamanic work.

Reiki means “spiritually guided life force energy”. So utilizing the Shamanic Arts and  Reiki together makes good sense.

After receiving your attunement, we will find out about Shamanic Reiki and begin using it with each other in a supportive environment for practice.

Shamanic Reiki can be used personally for healing, deepening your journey practice, retrieving, and clearing/extracting.  It can also be used with others, plants, animals, crystal beings, stars, elements, interdimensional beings, and more.

This level one class will be three hours long (10:00-1:00) and will take place at Our Nest 35 E Toole Ave downtown Tucson.  Please RSVP with Elisabeth at sweetnessofsoul(at)yahoo.com. 

The requested donation for this course is $50-$100 depending on your income. 

Please bring water and snacks.

You will receive a certificate of completion for Reiki Level One and Shamanic Reiki One.


Here is what some past Reiki I participants said:

I am full of gratitude. Sending you all some more reiki joy!

It was lovely thanks and blessings!!

What a beautiful experience!

Blissful experience


My name is Elisabeth Black.  I’m a fairy Godmother to children and adults.  This means I use my skills of storytelling,  soul tending, whimsy inspiring,  nurturing with honey cake and soup, bubble clearings and blessings, gentle divination, psychic guidance, and sprinkling light where needed. I am an Usui Reiki Master.


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