Trainings for DNA Warriors, Spirit Bridge Practitioners and Animist Ministers begin in May!

Are you ready to expand your intuitive abilities?

Do you feel called to hold space for other Earth honoring People?

Learn more about our DNA Warriors Personal Training Program

Spirit Bridge Personal/Ancestal Healing Practitioner Training

and our Web of Life Animist Minister Ordainment Program

all begin in May of 2019- In Tucson and Online! Quynn Red Mountain hosts...

We are the Dream of our Earth Honoring Ancestors

All People come from Ancestors who were a part of the Web of Life.

We have these "Animist" Ancestors in our DNA and it is time to call upon them to whisper to us what to do in these times.  We are here to tend our own Souls and reclaim our relationship with All that is Sacred. 

Join us in this healing adventure of a lifetime! Find resources Here...


Tucson is a beautiful and powerful place to connect with an Animist community!

Join Quynn Red Mountain, and other  experienced shamanic practitioners, to expand your connection with your Inner World, and connect with others of like-mind!


Live Online and Pre-recorded Journeys, Workshops and Courses await you!

Many options for Online Learning are offered by Quynn Red Mountain!

Live and recorded audio circles, workshops and trainings in Intuitive Development, Soul Healing, PTSD Tending, Personal Wellness and Animist Training are available for you when you need them! See Online Learning for offerings for your spiritual health! 


Web of Life YOUniversity- You are a part of the Sacred Circle.

Online Shamanic Journey Circles, Webinars, mp3 Journeys and Workshops, E-Courses and Mentored Intuitive Training are all available for you.


Connect with your Imagination through the rhythms of Drum and Rattle!

Quynn Red Mountain urges you to tend to matters of your Mind, Body and Spirit with the power of rhythm and imagination. Explore Shamanic Journeys, Soul Restoration, and Spiritual Guidance for your soul healing. Find out more HERE

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A Tribe of One Shamanic Guide E-Book and E-Course

Quynn Red Mountain's Guide for Expressing the Shamanic Self is Now Available!

Explore your inner world and understand your personal tribal ways with the E-Book and the Multimedia E-Course!

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