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Thanks to Irene Messina of the Tucson Weekly for writing a story about our shamanic arts group and our recent Rain loving events.  The link is here…

On Saturday, Quynn hosted an introductory workshop that was listed in the Tucson Weekly.  It was great to go back to the basics and share stories with people who are new to the shamanic arts.  One participant described the workshop this way…

“Very informative. Quynn is very knowledgeable and explains what emotions you might be going through when you are new seeking information out of the so called “normal” practice. She gives you new tools that you can take home and practice to be able to connect with your guide, god, universe etc. She makes you feel very comfortable and safe. This group is excellent and very respectful.”Other great recent circles were House Cleaning the Senses with Jenni, First Harvest Celebration hosted by Elisabeth and Quynn, and Drum Song- Rhythmic Call to the Directions.  For Drum Song-  13 drummers honored the 7 directions with a variety of rhythms, ‘led’ by seven members of the group. It was intuitive and a bonding experience with all who participated.  One review said “It was amazing… This was my first drumming group and the experience was really wonderful! Everyone was so nice and insightful. Every person there was a really great role model for me as I progress along my spiritual path. I’m really looking forward to more groups similar to this.”The summer of 2011 is ripe with growth in the area of the shamanic arts.  There is no ‘off season’ for this group!  If interested in seeing what is coming up… look at our calendar of events!Happy Journeys!!!

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